The most ingenious TikTok egg hacks of 2020

These eggcellent hacks will make prepping breakfast over-easy. Isolated epicures are hatching ingenious ways to both stay entertained and cook their morning meals more efficiently amid coronavirus restaurant closures. In honor of their creativity during quarantine, we’re corralling the most inventive egg hacks seen on social media (because, well, there are a lot of them).… Read More »

How much is yoga school

The yoga school in Bali, teacher training course will take you on the journey of personal and professional self-development. We accept a maximum number of 10 to 15 students in the course. The whole yoga teacher training course is in English. You should have at least a minimum understanding of English. Learn how the body… Read More »

More kidney dialysis could be needed in Covid-19 fight, says Dr Miriam Stoppard

Few people know that a quarter of patients needing ventilators to treat Covid-19 also need ­artificial kidneys to support their renal function. But are there enough to go around? We were short of ICU beds. We were short of ventilators. We were short of PPE and testing ­equipment. And now we could face another shortage… Read More »

When does depression require inpatient treatment

Depression can wear you down—perhaps silently—and alter your life completely. But how can you know if your depression is bad enough to warrant treatment? Does inpatient depression treatment really help? The sooner you can answer these questions, the sooner you can start taking important steps forward. Depression does not look like any one expression, type… Read More »