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Are beans good for paleo diet

Some legumes, like soy, are even widely considered to be health foods, and marketed as nutritionally superior alternatives to animal products. Like grains and pseudograins, legumes contain phytic acid. Per unit of mass, most nuts actually have a little more phytic acid than most grains and beans. So why are nuts fine to eat, but… Read More »

Is mushroom good for diet?

If you like mushrooms, then this is the diet for you. Followers of the M-Plan reportedly including celebrities Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne replace one meal each day with a mushroom-based meal. Experts agree food cannot spot reduce body fat. A focus on weight loss and appearance is not effective and can be harmful to… Read More »

Low carb diet good choice for hypeth

One of the big down sides when you’re cutting out carbs is that all fruit, no matter what type of fruit it is, contains carbohydrates. Keep in mind that this is a highly individualized process, and some people need a more restricted diet to start producing enough ketones. People often stop losing before they reach… Read More »