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The two early COVID symptoms that may be ‘dark horses’ – headache and fatigue warning

Headaches and fatigue are both very common, and don’t necessarily mean that you have coronavirus. Persistent tiredness could be caused by simply not getting enough sleep, or doing too much – or too little – exercise. Headaches, meanwhile, may be linked to the common cold, stress, bad posture, and even taking too many painkillers. Either… Read More »

Fennel Helps to Help Symptoms of Menopause

Fennel is an anise-flavored culinary herb which is beneficial for a number of health issues, such as premenstrual symptoms and digestion. A study has confirmed that it’s also effective for managing symptoms of postmenopause including sleeplessness, hot flashes, anxiety, and vaginal dryness, with no serious side effects.[1] The use of alternative and complementary medicine for… Read More »