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How long should i take vitamin d

This question has been hotly, hotly debated. But that may have developed because she or he spends little time outdoors being physically active or because the person has a poor diet, both of which are risk factors for many diseases, as well as for deficiency, says Dr. Powered by Rebuy. There are, however, a vast… Read More »

How to fix vitamin d deficiency

Very high levels of vitamin D have not been shown to provide greater benefits. Now, a new study describes how this might work. It has long been known that the incidence of multiple sclerosis is much lower at the equator than in temperate zones. Several large observational studies have shown a link between a deficiency… Read More »

What vitamin should i take quiz

If you’re into working out you may be wondering what the best supplements to take care. Though you should get your medical advice from a doctor, this quiz will tell you which supplement you should look into taking! Created by: danielle. This quiz will ask you about your lifestyle as well as questions on what… Read More »