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Starting a plant based diet with diabetes

Our weekly DiabetesMine advice column tells you everything you need to know about diagetes and the flu shot. Start today. Isocaloric substitution of carbohydrates with protein: the association with weight change and mortality among patients with type 2 diabetes. Taken together, these observational and interventional studies support the use of a plant-based diet in treating… Read More »

Raw vegan with fish diet

A vegan YouTuber who’s built a large and devoted fanbase is under fire after fans allegedly found footage of her eating meat. Yovana Mendoza, a year-old influencer who’s known as Rawvana online, was featured in another vlogger’s video last week for a split second with what fans believe was a plate of fish in front… Read More »

Why no weight loss with exercise

Welcome to Show Me the Evidence, where we go beyond the frenzy of daily headlines to take a deeper look at the state of science around the most pressing health questions of the day. Other meta-analyses, which looked at a bunch of exercise studies, have come to similarly lackluster conclusions about exercise for losing weight.… Read More »