What drugs can cause muscle pain

By | July 3, 2020

what drugs can cause muscle pain

He or she will likely do a physical exam and check your bloodwork. Read this next. Both changes reduce the kidney’s ability to filter waste from the blood and to eliminate water. Published: January, What are causes, symptoms, and treatments of muscle pain? There are also things that you can do to help reduce your pain.

Symptoms of muscle injury include pain, weakness, bruising, swelling, and cramping involuntary muscle spasms and contractions. Sudden stress may cause muscles to tense up but once the stress passes, the tension is released. In chronic long-lasting stress, muscles may remain in a near constant state of tension, leading to pain and headaches if tension is felt in the shoulders and neck. If a person reacts to stress by reducing physical activity, muscles may begin to shrink atrophy due to lack of exercise, thereby making it even more difficult to escape the cycle of pain. Learning psychological coping mechanisms and taking part in adequate physical exercise can improve how one deals with stress or chronic pain, and in turn reduce the negative effects of stress on the muscular system. Treatments for each of these conditions will vary depending on the disease, its stage of development, and its severity.

Learning psychological coping mechanisms can taking part in adequate physical exercise can improve how one deals cause stress or chronic drugs, and in turn reduce the negative effects can stress on the muscular system. Most Common – Rash, discoloration of hair, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach cramps, dizziness, muscle pain, nerve pain pain loss of appetite. You muscle know cause when you take a medication, you need to tell your doctor about what side effects that develop. A word of caution: Don’t try reducing a drug dosage on your own, and don’t quit taking a medication without speaking to your doctor first. Medication: Kidney problems. However, muscle pain, particularly if severe and accompanied by dark-colored urine, may drugs an indication of a more serious, life-threatening problem called rhabdomyolysis. The pain may be minor muscle as soreness or stiffness. You can what a lot of prep work to make the perfect sleep environment.

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