What is the synonym of depression

By | June 21, 2020

what is the synonym of depression

Surely Callista Blake was not what his brother Jack would call a depressive type, if that word was still favored in the jargon. Depressive memories or ideas have associated with them a depressing and disintegrating emotional quality. The last case is interesting in that a depressive onset to a deep stupor was observed in the Institute. When she was talked to, she was apt to indulge in depressive statements and show considerable distress. Although inactive and sometimes appearing dull the depressive individual is not apathetic but is suffering acutely. Kraepelin treats stupors occurring in manic-depressive insanity as falling into two groups, the depressive and manic. The alleged insanity, Dr.

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What is the synonym of depression never

PPDB, the paraphrase database what. Go to ” dent ” definitions. Build a the of words depressjon depression one letter at a time. The state of being dejected; low spirits. Mann : The power of creation. The condition of being desperate. Recklessness resulting from synonym Go to ” desperation ” definitions. An area of slightly sunken land, esp.

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